Ferrari F430C


Ferrari knows aero. The fist step in crafting the F430 package was carefully studying the F430 Challenge car to take advantage of Ferrari’s existing design. The #54 project car was then shipped down to the most advanced wind tunnel in North America to scientifically apply some American ingenuity to Italian perfection. Using the latest tools of telemetry we were able to make infinitesimal adjustments that had astronomical effects on performance. It’s a fine line between the winner’s circle and the parking lot.


What if your car was perfectly balanced? If each wheel had the exact same amount of grip, no matter how fast you went, no matter what track you were on. How would that feel? According to our favorite F430C driver, “Amazing.” After paying over 100k to develop the world’s best F430 aero package, Michael took the wheel at Palm Beach International Raceway. He stayed on track so long, he almost ran out of gas. When he finally pitted in, he said, “I’ve been tracking Ferrari’s for 20 years. That was the best handling I’ve ever experienced . . . an absolute pleasure to drive”. Here is the story and technology behind his epic aero package.


Welcome to aero heaven. The $42M, 180mph rolling-road Windsheer tunnel is the most advanced wind tunnel on earth. It takes precision to a new level. During testing, the vehicle rides on a 180mph stainless steel treadmill that matches the wind speed, accurately recreating ground movement and tire rotation. A weight sensor under each wheel measures aerodynamic forces – through the 180mph spinning belt. As if that weren’t enough, this entire engineering marvel sits on a large turntable – allowing us to rotate the car and measure off-angle aerodynamics for corner entry. It’s amazing. So what does that all get you? Perfect aero balance, from 0 to 180mph. It’s the most predictable handling F430 you’ll ever drive.



More isn’t always better. The F430 package has three balanced downfroce levels, set by the adjustable front splitter length (33mm, 66mm, 88mm). This lets each driver find the ideal level of grip for their driving style and ability.

  • Stage I– New drivers will achieve the most speed and predictability at Stage I downforce. Downforce changes exponentially with speed. Starting with a lower downforce setting makes the car more predictable at the limits – the grip doesn’t change as fast.
  • Stage II – More experienced drivers will select Stage II. In track testing at Palm Beach International Raceway, the Stage II package out-cornered F40’s and F50’s. The 333 got away.
  • Stage III – This downforce setting is very aggressive, and will place a lot of loading on the tires and suspension. It was designed for shorter track sessions, or use in colder climates where grip can be challenging.



We pulled out all the stops. This wing is capable of running a full three degrees higher angle of attack than any other aeromotions wing. All that downforce is transferred to car through billet aluminum CNC’d mounting feet. The fit is perfect.


The aerodynamic balance on the F430 naturally shifts as you increase speed. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The progressive tune automatically compensates for the shift, and neutralizes it. The result? Aero bliss.



This F430 package features a Dynamic Rear wing, and the first ever Dynamic Splitter. The rear wing changes angle of attack to balance the car through the entire speed range. When the wing drops on the straightaways – to reduce drag – the rear downforce drops as well. This gives the car a slight tendency to rotate, which is exacerbated by the mid-engine design. To combat this, the front ducts of the Dynamic Spliiter open up, pouring high-pressure air under the front of the car, and dropping the front downforce by 25%. Balance is maintained. Drag is unchanged. You feel like Michael Schumacher as you rocket ahead.


Yes, you can buy a wing like Michael’s. More importantly, you can get the software from his multiple days of wind tunnel testing. For the cost of about an hours’s worth of tunnel time – $5k – you get Formula 1 aero for your F430. You can thank Michael when you see him. The Windshear Progressive Tune is included in the Dynamic Wing F purchase price.



A precision, laser-cut alignment fixture ensures that your wing is mounted in the same location as the wing tested in the wind tunnel. After all, you don’t want to have to pay $4,000 / hr to tune yours.