The Ultimate EVO Wing.

R.Dynamic // Mitsubishi EVO X Wing

R.Dynamic // Mitsubishi EVO X Wing


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The R.Static EVO X GT Wing has helped EVO’s clinch track records. The EVO X package comes with mounting plates that use many of the OEM wing mounting holes. More importantly, the plates reinforce the lid, enabling it to handle the massive downforce produced by the wing.  Note: If your car came with the smaller factory wing option, you will only use the bottom one of the OE wing holes. You can use the mounting plates to drill the two holes that are used for the larger OE wing (and Aeromotions wing).


The EVO X wing is positioned above the low pressure bobble that forms behind the passenger compartment. Sitting in clean air, the wing provides great downforce, with minimum drag.


It all starts with the airfoil. Ours’s was created at MIT, raised in a $42 million Formula 1 rolling road wind tunnel, then refined on the race track. The Aeromotions Wing Blade is the most refined airfoil commercially available to the public. Our signature 2D design has grown up to be the highest downforce with the lowest drag airfoil around.

HUGE DOWNFORCE. tiny drag.

Get the Aeromotions Edge. Wind tunnel designed and race-proven, AeroMotions wings shave time off your best lap. The heart of every wing is our signature high-downforce, low-drag wing blade. Borrowed from a military UAV, this is the most advanced airfoil available for your car. They’ve been used to break track records around the world.


Fitment Width (W) Pitch (P) Height (H) Feet (F)
Street / Track 65″ 41″ 10″ Base Plates Covers OE Holes
Race 65″ 41″ 12″ Base Plates Covers OE Holes
Modified 70″ 41″ 17″ Base Plates Covers OE Holes

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 68 × 15 × 15 in
Wing Height

10 Inch Height, 12 Inch Height, 17 Inch Height

Wing Type

Manually Adjustable (Static)


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