R.Static // Ferrari F430 Wing

R.Static // Ferrari F430 Wing

R.Static // Ferrari F430 Wing


Experience perfect balance.  Developed in a $42M Wind Tunnel.

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The Ultimate F430 Wing.

The F430 package pushes every aspect of wing design. The blade is a full pound lighter than any other blade we offer. The uprights are CNC machined with a round leading edge to reduce drag. Inspired by the famed Ferrari 333SP, each side of the uprights has a CNC window cutout to reduce weight. Just like the 333, The window faces inwards, providing a smooth outer surface to reduce drag.


The uprights are CNC machines to exactly match the contour of the factory lid. They are positioned to rest on top of a reinforcing bar built into the stock lid. A hand-bent plate fits under the lid to distribute load, and secure the wing. Low-profile jet nuts are used to adjust the angle, and secure the blade. The laser cut angle of attack plates allow you to quickly and precisely adjust the downforce angle.


The GT packages are completely plug and play. Each has a default setting that works great on the track. If you get the entire kit (wing, GT bumper, splitter), you can take advantage of the balance points determined from the wind tunnel testing. A laser cut drill fixture is used to ensure your wing is mounted and aligned in accordance with the one we tested in the wind tunnel.


More isn’t always better. The F430 package has three balanced downfroce levels, set by the adjustable front splitter length (33mm, 66mm, 88mm). This lets each driver find the ideal level of grip for their driving style and ability.

  • Stage I– New drivers will achieve the most speed and predictability at Stage I downforce. Downforce changes exponentially with speed. Starting with a lower downforce setting makes the car more predictable at the limits – the grip doesn’t change as fast.
  • Stage II – More experienced drivers will select Stage II. In track testing at Palm Beach International Raceway, the Stage II package out-cornered F40’s and F50’s. The 333 got away.
  • Stage III – This downforce setting is very aggressive, and will place a lot of loading on the tires and suspension. It was designed for shorter track sessions, or use in colder climates where grip can be challenging.

Laser-cut Alignment Fixture

A precision, laser-cut alignment fixture ensures that your wing is mounted in the correct location for optimal performance.


It all starts with the airfoil. Ours’s was created at MIT, raised in a $42 million Formula 1 rolling road wind tunnel, then refined on the race track. The Aeromotions Wing Blade is the most refined airfoil commercially available to the public. Our signature 2D design has grown up to be the highest downforce with the lowest drag airfoil around.

HUGE DOWNFORCE. tiny drag.

Get the Aeromotions Edge. Wind tunnel designed and race-proven, AeroMotions wings shave time off your best lap. The heart of every wing is our signature high-downforce, low-drag wing blade. Borrowed from a military UAV, this is the most advanced airfoil available for your car. They’ve been used to break track records around the world.



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Experience perfect balance.  Developed in a $42M Wind Tunnel.

Additional information

Wing Height

8 Inch Height, 10 Inch Height, 12 Inch Height, 17 Inch Height

Wing Type

Manually Adjustable (Static)

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