Can I use the R.Module or Dynamic Wing actuators with any wing?

Can I use the R.Module or Dynamic Wing actuators with any wing?
June 7, 2016 Jeff

No, unfortunately it won’t just “bolt-on”.
The R.Module and A.D.A.P.T. (S.Series) ECU’s were specifically engineered to work with our airfoils. For example, every time you turn the car on, our ECU runs through a check sequence to ensure proper function. If the wing puts up a fight (takes more force to move than we expect), it throws a fault code and goes into safe mode (base Angle of Attack).

When you drive, the computer reads the vehicle speed, (VSS), knows the angle of attack of the wing blade (we control it) and can determine exactly how much resistance it should see. We monitor this CONSTANTLY (20 times per second). If you do something to modify the wing blade (like bolt another wing blade onto it as one of our Australian customers did), the computer will throw a fault code – and automatically move to safe mode.

There are a host of other parameters we monitor while you drive, while the wing moves, and every time you start the car. If anything looks wrong, our ECU (computer) figures it out, and goes into safe mode (baseline AoA). For racing situations, safe mode has a manual override. You can use the toggle switch to change the wing angle to a fixed, static position. If you use a non-aeromotions wing, the computer thinks your wing is broken, and goes into safe mode. We could “adapt” the computer to your wing’s performance characteristics, as we did for one private team, but it takes months of R&D, and time in the wind tunnel.