Are Dynamic Wings legal in racing?

Are Dynamic Wings legal in racing?
June 7, 2016 Jeff

There are many grass-roots, intermediate and national-level racing series where you can run your car with a fully active Dynamic Wing. We are actively working with competition directors in various classes to help ensure that innovation will flourish in racing.

Redline Time Attack

The Dynamic Wing is allowed in the Modified and Unlimited classes of the RedLine Time Attack series. It is also legal in similar classes of national and international Time Attack series.

Road Racing

The active wing is OK to run in the more unlimited-preparation- classes such as NASA GTS and BMWCCA SuperMod.

Quick Tuning | Save Track Time and Money

While some series don’t allow active aero, Dynamic Wings have been showing up as a pure tunning tool. The in-cabin remote lets you quickly dial in the aero during test sessions. The built in lock out features let you run the Dynamic Wing in full static mode for the race. Find that extra half second.