The Ultimate GT-R Wing:
Now with 40% More Downforce

EVO X R.Static:
Crushing the Competition




The unseen advantage: Down force when and where you need it; lower aerodynamic drag when you don’t. shave some time off your next lap.

Dynamic Aero – Drag Reduction System (DRS) + Airbraking

Wind tunnel tested and race-proven, Dynamic Wings™ shave seconds off your lap time. Fully automatic, computer controlled, these plug and play carbon fiber wings provide huge downforce in corners, drag reduction on the straightaways, and airbraking to stop all that speed. Welcome to the future of aerodynamics.

Static Aero - Manually Adjustable Wings

With its signature high downforce, low drag design, the record setting R.STATIC is the most advcanced static carbon fiber wing outside of Formula One. The available Dynamic Upgrade Module also let’s you start static and upgrade to a Dynamic Wing™ down the road.

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  • “Greg (@ Aeromotions) was great to work with. He helped push our aero further than we’ve ever gone before.”
    Rhys Millen
  • With the active control engaged, the car felt neutral in turns, and stable in braking.
    Tom Long
  • “The difference was amazing. You could really feel it!”
    Craig Stanton
  • "I've been tracking Ferrari's for 20 years. That was the best handeling I've ever experienced . . . an absolute pleasure to drive"
    Michael LFerrari F430 Challenge Driver