4.19.10 //  Rhys Millen Running Dynamic Wing at Pikes Peak


Rhys Millen has set forth an ambitious goal – Pikes Peak in “under 10:00” – and he’s building a monster to get the job done. The 750HP Hyundai Genesis PM580 weighs a scant 1,850 lbs. A custom built, Aeromotions Dynamic Wing will keep this car glued to the ground in the corners, and reduce drag on the straights.

Rhys’s custom wing is based off the R2 Dynamic Wing. The high altitude of Pikes Peak, combined with the short duration of the race is letting Aeromotions push the wing harder than we’ve ever done before. The resulting system will automatically provide tremendous downforce in the corners – about twice what we’ve done in the past. This makes the reduction in drag for the straights dually important. We can’t wait for testing.