• Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Track Tuning
  • "I've been tracking Ferrari's for 20 years. That was the best handeling I've ever experienced . . . an absolute pleasure to drive" - Michael


Some people need to push the envelope. They want to go higher, faster, and further than anyone has gone before. That’s where we come in. Using advanced Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling, precision wind tunnels, and track testing, we push their aero to new heights. These are their cars.

Ferrari F430 Challenge Aero

Adding a little American inginuity to Italian perfection. We crafted a Dynamic Aero package for this Ferrari, balanced the downforce in this 180 mph rolling-road windtunnel, then programmed the computer to maintain that balance in all situations. Your trophy is waiting.

Nissan GT-R (R35)

When Nissan built the R35, they threw in computer-controlled everything. Except the aero. They left that one to us. With advanced computer modeling, skid pad testing, and track tuning, no stone was left unturned. Welcome to our love affair with the legend. Godzilla, himself.

Red Bull PM580

Rhys Millen broke the mold for Pike’s Peak race cars. Aeromotions helped. We worked with Rhys to design a revolutionary aero package that would glue this turbocharged, 750hp, AWD rocket ship to the ground.

Porsche GT3 RS

The GT3 is a legendary track car – and rightfully so. After almost 50 years of continuous improvement, Porsche has this platform dialed-in. And the aero is no exception. After careful analysis, we tipped our hats to the fine engineers at Porsche. Every year, they close the gap between the street-legal GT3 RS, and the Cup car. They push the envelope. We just helped them hit the fast forward button.